Future Students

Choosing the right college is stressful. Having been prospective students at some point ourselves, we know how tough it can be to feel confident in your decision- especially if you are an LGBTQ student. This page is designed to answer your questions and paint an accurate picture of LGBTQ life at St. Olaf.

General Atmosphere

We’re pleased to tell you that the queer community at St. Olaf is stronger than it’s ever been. In the spring of 2013, GLOW was voted St. Olaf Organization of the Year (for the second year in a row). Our weekly meeting attendance usually ranges from 40-60 students.

Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Inclusivity 

Access to gender neutral bathrooms is readily accessible to gender non-conforming students. Single stall bathrooms are available in every building on campus (dorms included). As of now, gender neutral living is on a case-by-case bases.

Gender NeutralGLOW! leadership is very cognizant of gender non-conforming students. We begin every GLOW! meeting by stating our name and preferred gender pronouns. While the idea of PGPs is often new to students at the beginning of the year, it becomes part of our routine quite easily. We currently have several trans* identified students on campus.


Please contact us with additional questions or to arrange a campus visit with a member of the LGBTQ/Ally community!


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